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A Division of LLE Construction Group, LLC

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The idea for LLE Consulting, a Division of LLE Construction Group, LLC, was created while working with and managing subcontractors and growing LLE Construction Group, LLC. The Principal and Visionary, Lasenta Lewis-Ellis, identified gaps in building a sustainable and successful business. She focused on the following areas to assist the contracting, small business, and entrepreneurship community:

  • Building small businesses by:

    • Identifying "what are your pain points in business?"

    • Identifying "who is your target audience?"

    • Identifying "how much do I charge for my products or services to make a profit?"

    • Identifying "what pivots could I make to build a sustainable business?"

  • Securing contracting opportunities

  • Securing capital

  • Increasing contracting opportunities within the community

As LLE Construction Group, LLC grew, Lasenta’s work with subcontractors and small businesses grew. She noticed the need for business and project management for better business results and delivery on projects. For years, she has been providing mentoring, back-office support, and proposal writing to subcontractors and small businesses and she observed the positive impact of her efforts. 

With such a great impact from working with subcontractors and small business owners, Lasenta knew it was time to make the shift and focus on building sustainable businesses in the community and helping to find the “right” contracting opportunities. The mission of LLE Consulting is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs find clarity, growth opportunities, and expand their businesses through strategic consulting, coaching, and mentoring services.



Small Business Strategic Development & Consulting

LLE Consulting provides Coaching and Mentoring Services for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Small, Women, and Minority Business Enterprises (SWMBEs) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) Outreach

LLE Consulting partners with Prime Contractors, Organizations, Agencies, and Community Leaders interested in collaborating with Small, Women, Minority Business Enterprises (SWMBE) and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) market for procurement opportunities.

Educational Training in Entrepreneurship and Project Management for Contractors

 LLE Consulting facilitates Project Management for Contractors and Entrepreneurship Training. 




OFFICE: (803) 608-0035 | eFAX: (803) 753-9899


If you’d love to work with LLE Consulting or have questions, inquiries, or commendations, please call: (803) 608-0035, email at HELLO@LLECONSULTING.COM, or fill out the following form. Thank you for your interest in LLE Consulting. Have a great day!


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