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LLE Consulting provides Mentorship and Small Business Consulting and Coaching ("Entre-Therapy") Services for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our services are designed to help our clients better understand their value proposition and develop a clear growth strategy for their business.


We assist our clients with aligning their businesses with the “right” contracting opportunities for growth and expansion. To do that, we help our clients focus on their “niche” areas of services by defining their “WHY” and identifying their core offerings and markets. When small businesses and entrepreneurs align their WHY and focus on their core offerings, they begin to see a shift to work with clients and customers who value their services. 

Here are a few strategies we’ve used to grow our business:

  • Strategize! Create the business you want and can see grow. Develop a plan of action with clarity about who you are, what you do, who you service, and your WHY.

  • Use certifications as a tool for business growth. 

  • Collaborations, Partnerships, Teaming Agreements, and Joint Venture, Mentor-Protege helps to build capacity. 

  • Embrace Social Media and virtual platforms to educate your audience and share your services.

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